Debut Show Line-Up

Saturday, June 1, 2013, 11am to Noon CST


cindy scinto2Cindy Scinto

Tune in to hear the incredible story of Cindy’s recent reunion with the Texas family of her pancreas donor, Jocelyn Roberts. The stunning parallel of life given as a result of a life lost will inspire all who listen. I am excited to have author, speaker, organ recipient, and NY Italian Cindy Scinto as my very first guest on Always Faithful.

In September 2001, Cindy, a healthy young woman, suffered a heart attack that was only the beginning of a grueling seven-year journey through heart disease. Four years later, after forty operations and several brushes with death, she received a miraculous heart transplant that saved her life. In October 2010, she once again found her life being cut short. But, on May 12, 2011, she became the first and only person in the world to receive a pancreas transplant as a diabetic, six years after a heart transplant.

Anna QuesadaAnna Quesada

In studio with me the same day will be founder and president of the Christian Women’s Small Business Association, Anna Quesada. The CWsba is igniting a movement of women trailblazers from around the globe to fearlessly live out their God-calling — empowering women in business!

joy ware millerJoy Ware Miller

And this just in, KSLR’s own Joy Ware Miller will also join us for this inaugural broadcast!

Mark your calendar now to join us on June 1 for this exciting show!

3 thoughts on “Debut Show Line-Up

  1. So happy to see Cindy doing well. Prayed for her when I met her at a North West Christian Writer’s conference several years ago. Always encourages me to see God at work and especially thrilling to know He allowed me to partner with HIM as a prayer warrier on her behalf. Blessings, Judy Larson

  2. Athena,

    Looking forward to this broadcast, loaded the app to my phone. Great lineup with Cindy, been following her a long time also, she was always in my prayers.

    I know we all have a story to share. Cindy, yourself and I have been through some storms, what the enemy meant to use to destroy us, made us stronger.

    I know that the writing, the coffee cup ministry, the ministry of hanging out 🙂 was birthed out of all that I went through, would not want to do it again, but would not trade it for where I am now with the Lord, knowing that I am right where I am suppose to be!

    Blessings and prayers, rest in the Lord, I know tomorrow will be awesome and the Lord and you, will have a great show, Paul aka The Mayor 🙂

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