June 8 Live Show Line-Up

Totally Jazzed! I just today confirmed my guests for my second show, Saturday, June 8.

Ocieanna Fleiss

OcieannaWife and mother of four, Ocieanna Fleiss has co-authored three novels with Tricia Goyer. A recent cardiac arrest survivor, Ocieanna’s messages ring with heartfelt transparency and depth, as well as touches of humor. After listening to Ocieanna, audiences come away not only with practical tools for their journey, but refreshed with a rich understanding of their value as wives, moms, and women—in Christ alone.

Linda Goldfarblinda-bio

A favorite speaker to women across South Texas for more than 20 years, Linda Goldfarb is widely recognized as a bold, passionate, and transparent communicator of Hope & Possibility. From the stage, on the air, through her writings, and in person as a board certified Christian life coach, Linda empowers women, parents & grandparents to move forward with hope & possibility when life changes.


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