June 15 Live Show Line-Up (Updated 6/4/13)

patti-fosterPatti Foster

Patti Foster in one word? Passionate. Her life is a testament to the intense love she has for others. Her joy and laughter refresh those around her, and she welcomes opportunities to influence lives and Make A Difference Now! On June 18, 2002, Patti was severely injured in a horrific traffic wreck. She suffered traumatic brain injury and was in a coma for six weeks. Her life hung in the balance…she has had to learn to live again. And now, as her recovery process continues, Patti’s desire is still to inspire, encourage and motivate others. Engaging, humorous, and entirely inspiring, join me as I share this wonderful author, speaker and radio talk show host with you.

Lizzie Smiley

Lizzie is friendly, energetic, and focused. She provide social media consulting and training services to small businesses and entrepreneurs with an emphasis on how to build and engage an audience, creating effective content, 643915_411053172292937_2074370565_nand turning fans into qualified leads. She also manages Facebook pages for clients who would prefer to delegate the tasks of writing and posting status updates, building an audience, engaging an audience, creating leads, promoting events, and brand and client relations on Facebook.

Lizzie also runs a Christian ministry with and for the most incredible and inspiring women called the Red Tent Ministries. They focus on fostering healthy and healing fellowship and equipping women for success in their most meaningful relationships– starting with their relationship with God.

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