Newsflash – Additional Guest Joins the Line-Up for Inaugural Show!

I am so excited to announce that KSLR’s own Joy Ware Miller will join us for the show this Saturday, June 1. Because my other guest, Anna Quesada, was so instrumental in God’s move in Joy’s life when she moved to San Antonio from Ohio…and as she has been with me as I moved from Washington to Texas, it just seemed like a God thing to have Joy as part of this groundbreaking day.

joy ware millerAbout Joy

When faced with setbacks, failures, loss, even the death of a loved one – especially a child – many Christians are left with difficult questions and a challenge to stand strong in their faith. In adversity, Christians are quick to send out an “S.O.S” for deliverance from crisis and they run for cover looking for God miraculously to respond, only to hear silence. This book is a unique invitation to learn how to see and experience God in the midst of pain, sense His presence in the fire and come to trust Him in the lions’ den even in the face of death. There is a party in the pit…and YOU are invited!

Christian women’s speaker – author – inspirational coach, Founder, iJoy Inspirations, Founder of Parents On Call and KSLR morning radio host, Joy Ware Miller has a powerful message of hope. A down-to-earth, dynamic and authentic friend, her message is uplifting and her testimony moving as she helps women work through their disappointment and hopeless feelings to find encouragement and healing through God. As the voice for “Joy In The Morning, Joy successfully blended real life lessons into daily life with God sharing spiritual wisdom and courage from her deeply compassionate heart. If you have ever felt hopeless, helpless and discouraged…don’t give up. His joy has a way of turning sorrow into gladness! In 2007, Joy founded Parents On Call, a first response team of parents who have lost a child. Parents who have lost a child understand the depth of heartache and sorrow this kind of loss brings. Joy continues to be uplifting and encouraging throughout the challenges of life and the sudden death of their son Christopher in 2005 at age 13. When she is not speaking or writing, Joy shares life with her husband Charles and daughters Lauren and Olivia in Texas. For more information:

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