A New Glimpse of My Guests for Tomorrow’s Show

I love professional pictures, but I also know that behind that spit and polish there’s a real person who has bad hair days just like me, (that’s when I wear a baseball cap!).

Before every show, I’ll be bringing you a “behind the scene” picture of my guests along with a little bit about how I connected with them, so you can get to know them a tad better before hand.

A little tidbit about each of my guests…

cindy scinto 3I met Cindy Scinto at the Northwest Christian Writers’ Renewal in Washington back in 2008 and we immediately became fast friends. A native of New York, and Italian to boot,  I love her spunk…and I’ll tell you what, the health challenges she has lived through will completely amaze you, especially when you realize that she’s still smiling and praising God! Known by many as the “energizer bunny” she, her husband and son reside in Eastern Washington.

When I first moved to San Antonio to help my brother take care of my 90 year old Momma, I looked on Meetup.com to find some Christian groups to join. I hadn’t found a church yet and was hungry for fellowship. Up popped60605_10151087955604611_1798502862_n (2) the Christian Women’s Small Business Association (CWSBA) meetup and I immediately signed up to attend. I’ve attended all the monthly meetings they’ve had since I moved here in late November, 2o12, and each time I walk away incredibly encouraged. In fact, it was at the April meeting,  where former TV sports broadcaster Lisa Burkhart Worley was the speaker, where I met Karen Brkich from KSLR and she asked me if I’d like to do a radio show…and the rest is history! So Anna Quesada’s ministry has had a huge impact on my life! She and her husband, Steven, have a lovely little girl and live here in San Antonio.

photo JoyAnd last but not least, is KSLR’s own host for Joy in the Morning, Joy Ware Miller. We finally met in person at the CWSBA’s lunch a few days ago and she realized that we’d met about 5 or 6 years ago at Write To Publish in Wheaton, IL when she attended the conference and sat in on my class on branding… we even had a 15 minute appointment to talk about her book idea…she lived in Ohio at the time and I in Washington…and here we are now, in the same town, and on the same radio station, KSLR. How cool is that? She has gone through some incredibly painful times in her life, and was tempted to have a pity party…however, her relationship with God enabled her to learn from the pain and be an inspiration to others as a result. This picture shows  her with husband – Charles, and daughters Lauren and Olivia.

Join us tomorrow, Saturday, June 1 from 11AM to Noon CST on AM 630 KSLR, or www.kslr.com if you’re out of the area. It’s gonna be a blast!

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