Thoughts from Yesterday’s Broadcast – June 8

First off, here’s the podcast in case you missed the show:

God continues to amaze me with the way He works…the show today touched me profoundly…as I hope it did you.

I encourage you to connect with Ocieanna through her website at, follow her blog, buy her books! Her story of sudden cardiac arrest and how God miraculously saved her life is astounding…my friend’s husband is a  paramedic and when he heard the story he said, “That just does not happen!” Our God is ALWAYS FAITHFUL, and Ocieanna is living proof.

me and lindaAnd then there was Linda Goldfarb….I love the saying Transparency Transforms…I’ve seen it in my own life, and I’ve seen it in hers…and I’ve also watched what happens when people, especially those in leadership, fail in this area…the lack of transparency not only stunts growth, it results in harming others.

I just love the awesome ministry God has given Hope & Possibility Coach, Linda Goldfarb…make sure you sign up for her newsletter and keep up with her through her website at

As we “Continued the Conversation Off the Air” at El Jarro’s, we had great fellowship, gave away great stuff…especially the Warrior Sisters Bling Bracelet! I admit it, I am JEALOUS! Gotta get one of my own…way cool!

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