My Zany Guests for June 15!

Patti and TammyI am so excited about tomorrow’s show! Can’t wait to introduce you to Patti Foster, pictured here with Tammy Trent (who I happen to be interviewing next week at ICRS!)…Patti’s joy and enthusiasm is amazing and her compassion for the brain injured and their families makes her a perfect example of Jesus with Skin On!

Then my in studio guest will be Lizzie Smiley…I love this picture of her with her folks, husband and kids…I told you my guests are zany…this is just a small example!703728_4871039176130_1842100682_o

Hope you’ll join us afterwards at El Jarro’s Mexican Restaurant ( at 281 and Bitters (in the Party City stripmall on the SW corner of Bitters and San Pedro)…Lizzie and I will be there at 12:30 to “continue the conversation off the air”… and if you can’t join us, at least call in at 210-340-9585 in San Antonio, or toll free at 877-630-KSLR…or you can even text me at 210-620-4900 to win one of our sweet giveaways!

See you soon!

PS If you’re out of the area you can listen on live streaming, or!

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