Thoughts on Today’s Show on Pornography, Suicide, and Purpose

1016617_189194357910531_611319347_nHaving these three ladies join me today was such a blessing. While the first two topics were sobering, they left me with hope in our faithful God…He is bringing those topics that folks often turn a blind eye to, because they are so shame based, to light and helping those who are struggling find hope, and realize they are not alone.

When interviewing Vicki Tiede, author of “When Your Husband is Addicted to Pornography: Healing Your Wounded Heart” I was struck by the shocking revelation that for all the ministry in the church to men who are overcoming their pornography addictions, no one seems to be coming along side the women who have been traumatized by their husband’s addiction. Praying that God will raise up a movement to meet this need nationwide. Her book is the start of meeting this great need.

To then follow up that interview with Karen Kosman, author of  “Too Soon to Say Goodbye: Healing and Hope for Victims and Survivors of Suicide,” was equally sobering. To hear the statistics of suicide rates among teens is alarming, but it was so encouraging to also hear stories of God answering those desperate prayers of “God, if you’re real, then show yourself to me!”

And then to end the show with that sweet Southern Belle, Edna Ellison, author of “A Passion for Purpose”…the story she told of God calling her to be a writer after losing her husband, and giving her a passion for His purpose in her life was sweet stuff! I loved her advice at the end…slow down, be quiet, and LISTEN…otherwise you won’t know what God is trying to do in the present.

If you missed the show, and since I’m still out of town, you can click here to link to the podcast that’s up on the KSLR site.

Thanks for Vicki, Karen, and Edna for making today’s show such a great one!


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