Recap on June 29 Show – Avoiding Burnout and Miraculous Healing

Here’s the podcast in case you missed it: Saturday, 6/29/2013 Author of “Renewed: Finding Your Inner Happy in an Overwhelmed World”, Speaker and Counselor Lucille Zimmerman, and Media Missionary to Missionaries Melody Warford 

Pondering our last show and all that God shared  with us in the two interviews.

529411_4533212538526_1991371067_nFirst was Lucille Zimmerman…(in the goofy picture to the left, she’s on the left) … such a powerful message for us…not only to take the time to put ourselves on our “to do “ list, but to slow down and allow solitude to become part of our lives…rather than fearing it and associating it with loneliness, realizing it is a time God draws close and intimacy occurs between us and our Maker…to realize the importance of sharing our secrets…of being vulnerable and transparent…and the power this produces in our relationships.

We gave away 3 copies of her book “Renewed: Finding Your Inner Happy in an Overwhelmed World” (Abington Press 2013) and if you weren’t one of the winners, I would encourage you to get a copy….a powerful resource….especially for those of us who tend to be workaholic types / type A’s!

For more information on Lucille’s ministry visit

And then there was Melody Warford (on the left in the goofy picture on the right!)…what an incredible story of God’s healing power and His love to answer the prayers of His people! He healed her of Hodgkin’s disease and a major brain tumor…how faithful is our God? Her point of how 429348_443375135713060_555404722_nthe worst of times can really be the best of times, as they allow us a closeness to God in the midst of the storm that we don’t usually experience in good times. I love that…it is SO true! And then to use her in media ministry to missions and ministries…I so appreciate that about God!

If you’d like to get involved in her media ministry, Stone Soup Media, visit her at

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