Recap on 7/20 Former Bad Girl Liz Curtis Higgs and Grammy Winning Worship Leader/Songwriter Laura Story

In case you missed the show today with Liz Curtis Higgs and Laura Story, here’s the podcast!

Well, what an amazing show today. Lizzie was just delightful….it was so good to hear her “former bad girl” story and how God’s amazing grace rescued her, and how non-judgmental love overcame all her misconceptions about God. And how wonderful it was to hear more about her Bad Girls of the Bible and What We Can Learn From Them, updated book and new DVD…how good it was to hear her emphasis was not on how bad they (and we!) have been, but on how good our God is!

601239_10151328138438596_479121016_nI found this crazy picture of her on her Facebook page…love how some of her encouragers created this hilarious picture in honor of the Bad Girls message!

And for those of you in San Antonio, Lizzie will be here in October for the Women of Joy conference, October 4-6…and I’ll be hosting my show on site at the Women of Joy on October 5, so mark your calendar now and start saving your pennies…it will be a great weekend, for sure!


The last half of the show was an interview I did with Laura Story at the International Christian Retail Show last month…since she’s in town this weekend ministering at Oak Hills Church, I decided to play the interview today instead of laura story1waiting till the fall when her new album comes out. I must tell you, Laura is one of the most refreshing women I’ve ever met…so down to earth and easy to relate to! I just loved that she showed up at the biggest Christian shindig of the year where everyone is “dressed to the nines” in a very comfortable, casual outfit…completely unassuming and comfy! I just love that about her….she is a regular person that God is using in amazing ways. It was an honor to be able to visit with her and hear her heart for Him!

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