8/3 Show – Shannon Ethridge Responds to Fifty Shades of Grey – LAVISH Founder Reaches Out to Women in the Sex Trade

I am so looking forward to the show this Saturday. Not only do I get to introduce you to my long time friend, Shannon Ethridge, but also my new friend Kayla Moilanen, founder of LAVISH.

During the first half of the show we’ll be talking to Shannon about her new book, The Fantasy Fallacy. In fact, we’ll have 5 copies to give away to the first 5 local callers!

The content of Fifty Shades of Grey turns most Christians fifty shades of red. As a result, the media hype and recent record-breaking sales of E.L. James’ trilogy has the Christian community largely at a loss for words . . . with the exception of Shannon Ethridge.

12_ShannonEthridge_300px_RGB-150x150Bestselling author of the Every Woman’s Battle series, life coach, speaker, and advocate for healthy sexuality, Shannon Ethridge responds with The Fantasy Fallacy: Exposing the Deeper Meaning Behind Sexual Thoughts (Thomas Nelson Publishers, October 2012).

“I definitely do not think that all fantasy is wrong,” Ethridge writes. “But, those fantasies which push the envelope beyond what is socially or spiritually acceptable are most often rooted in childhood trauma or unresolved pain. The goal of this book isn’t to judge whether fantasies are ‘right or wrong,’ but to help people examine sexual fantasies closely enough to recognize their roots and to invite God to help them heal their pain.”

Ethridge’s desire for her readers is clear, “If you read Fifty Shades of Grey, and were fascinated with it or freaked out by it, I believe The Fantasy Fallacy is going to help you ‘chew up the meat and spit out the bones’ when it comes to sexual fantasies. I’m praying the same prayer over you that I’ve prayed over myself – that God would give you eyes to view all things sexual through His lens, and no one else’s.”

Even those readers who are not familiar with the Fifty Shades of Grey titles will gain from Ethridge’s new book, which focuses on sexual thoughts and not just the recent book series. The author recommends an attitude of honesty about sexual thoughts for people of faith: “Just the word itself – fantasy – can illicit all kinds of anxiety among Christians. In fact, fantasy seems to be an even more taboo word than s-e-x!”

Shannon Ethridge recognizes the trepidation with which most Christians approach a dialogue about their own sexual thoughts but also understands the necessity for addressing these issues honestly. She helps readers consider the positive, encouraging aspects of healthy fantasy (imagination), including how it helps humans cope with unbearable pain and endure separation as well as how it can contribute to a healthy married sexual experience.

Shannon Ethridge earned a master’s degree in Counseling and Human Relations from Liberty University and is a certified life coach via the American Association of Christian Counselors. She has authored 17 books including the best-selling Every Woman’s Battle: Discovering God’s Plan for Sexual and Emotional Fulfillment and other “Every Woman” titles. Ethridge has counseled college-aged women since 1999 and has been a popular speaker with women of all ages for over two decades. Shannon Ethridge lives in the piney woods of East Texas with her husband of 23 years and their two children. Her blog can be found at www.shannonethridge.wordpress.com.

My second guest will be Kayla Moilanen, founder of LAVISH, a ministry that exists to love, support and empower women in the sex industry. I was introduced to Kayla by my social media163010_744526645725_2450545_n coach and friend, Lizzie Smiley. As we sat over coffee and I heard Kayla share how her burden to love the unloveable bloomed into a ministry to women working in the sex trade, I was floored. This is totally out of my comfort zone, but I am compelled to share her with you. www.lavishgirls.org. Amazing how God orchestrated it on the day I would be interviewing Shannon Ethridge! How cool is that?

So, mark your calendar, and join us this Saturday, August 3 for another amazing time of affirming the faithfulness of God! 11am to Noon CST on AM 630 KSLR, streaming live on www.kslr.com or iheartradio.com. And, yes, we’ll be continuing the conversation at El Jarro’s after the show…meet Kayla and I there at 12:30 at 281 and Bitters (www.eljarro.com)index_02

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