Recap on 8/3 Show – A Response to Fifty Shades of Grey / LAVISH

Here’s the show from today in case you missed it.

What a powerful show…my guests completely amazed me with answers to questions I didn’t even know I had.

12_ShannonEthridge_300px_RGB-150x150Shannon Ethridge, best selling author of the “Every Woman’s Battle” shared her most recent book, “The Fantasy Fallacy,” which refutes the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon. The most stunning point she made was that “sexual fantasies are no more than the brain’s attempt to heal itself.” (for more on Shannon’s ministry, visit

Kayla Moilanen sharing that 95% of all women in the sex trade were sexually abused as children just made total sense to me, and filled me with a new compassion197757_10100841979373635_1195331943_n2 for these women. (for more on Kayla’s ministry, visit

Take a listen…it’s, I believe, the best show yet.

4 thoughts on “Recap on 8/3 Show – A Response to Fifty Shades of Grey / LAVISH

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  2. Hi Athena,

    As always a great show with Shannon and Kayla! I appreciate what both shared today, the questions that you asked.

    I have read a number of books by Greg and Shannon over the years and appreciate the ministry that they have been given.

    I think more men need to listen to your program, to get a different perspective, a womens perspective on the various issues concerning the day and times that we live in.

    I appreciate the insights, the things that are shared and I hope that it makes me a better listener. If there is one thing that I have learned over the years, is a lot of what I do in the marketplace, in my ministry of hanging out 🙂 in the coffee shops, is to listen, to speak when the Lord tells me too, but mostly to listen, to encourage, to exhort others on this path called life.

    As a man, as a follower of Christ, a brother in the Lord, a father, grand-father, a friend, I want to be able to listen, to hear, to know how to pray, share, to encourage, my brother and sister’s in the Lord, to those that I meet in the coffee shops, in the marketplace, I truly want to hear, to listen and share/speak when He wants me too.

    There are so many that just want someone to listen, to not necessarily fix it right then and there, but to listen, for when we begin to listen, to hear, then the doors that need to be open, will open, if we are sensative to the Holy Spirit, whose timing is always spot on.

    As a father, grandfather, I want to be a better listener to my daughter’s and grand-daughter, as well as my son and grandsons. Who knows, someday, to be a husband again, to be one who has truly learned to listen!

    Again, Athena, thank you for a great show, for the guests and the insights that are shared, for I know that the hearts of many will be touched by Always Faithful Radio, for He is Always Faithful!!

    Blessings and prayers,

    aka The Mayor 🙂

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