Recap on 8/24 – Healing and Authenticity / Being Jesus with Skin On / Labor Day at the Kendall County Fair

Here’s the broadcast in case you missed it!

chaddock-robinWhat an amazing group of guests…at the very last minute, the Lord changed the direction of my first interview and instead of talking about Robin Chaddock’s book about the Power of Words, He decided He wanted me to focus on Robin’s healing journey and quest for authenticity, which was awesome. Her blog address, by the way, since I forgot to mention it until a listener texted me and asked me to, (my bad!) is

Then I had the privilege of introducing you to Megan Legacy, Executive Director of the San Antonio Christian Hope Resource Center…what an amazing story of her coming from a difficult childhood and how God used that to give her a heart for the homeless and hurting. The ministry is definitely one worth supporting, either financially or as a volunteer. For more information visit

img_37581b              Rex Pierce, Megan Legacy, Athena Dean, Linsey Allen

And last up was the president of the Kendall County Fair Association, Rex Pierce, sharing all the goings on coming up this next Labor Day weekend at the Fair in Boerne. I was smitten with his description of the Mutton Busting event and even have some pictures to share…I cannot WAIT to see this event where little kids ride sheep until they fall off….LOVE IT! This will actually be my very first rodeo, so I am super excited that I get to be there in the KSLR booth for  the whole fair, as well as broadcasting live from there next Saturday. Check out for the schedule and details of the fair…gonna be good…come on down, I’d love to meet you in person!

The picture above are my in-studio guests and my answer to prayer, Linsey Allen…she’s my new administrative assistant for the radio show and I cannot tell you how blessed I am to have some help with this work God has given me!

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