Live from the Kendall County Fair in Boerne – 8/31 – Come on Out and Join in the Fun!

This weekend join me LIVE at the Kendall County Fair … It’s going to be 3 days of family friendly fun and I’m excited to share some of the fun with you! In fact, I will be manning (or is that womaning?) the KSLR booth at the Fair starting Thursday night and then all the way through Sunday at 10pm. While there, I’ll do my show live from the booth at my regular time on Saturday.

I’m actually not sure what the show is going to look like quite yet, but what I do know is this:

cache_3736091904During the first ½ hour I’ll be introducing you to Cindy Magsig. Cindy was raised in Corpus Christi, Texas where her parents were ministers of a bilingual congregation. She grew up singing in church, and later became a worship leader both in Indiana and Colorado. In 2007, she became a member of Community Bible Church in San Antonio, Texas and was one of many featured soloists.  She wrote Sing For Joy, the title song for CBC’s 2009 worship CD and continued to sing on various worship projects produced by CBC over the years, with the latest song Waiting Here For You on their 2012 CD: He Loves Us.

Today, she serves as director of Surrendered Heart Worship Ministries, but she also has a unique ministry to PKs (pastor’s kids). When we met a few weeks ago, I was struck by her personal story of growing up in a fishbowl and how that affected her spiritual life. I don’t know the stats, but I do know a lot of kids who grow up as PKs walk away from the faith because of it. So my question was, “how can we help the PKs in our own congregations turn toward God instead of away from Him?” That’s what we’ll be talking about with Cindy…and I can’t wait to share her with you all!

Then the second half of the show is up for grabs…I’ll introduce you to Steve Gross, Pastor of the Cowboy Church at the fairgrounds and I’ll be giving you the lowdown on the Arms of Hope fundraiser 5k Walk Run WM-5K-250x150-060713tccalled Faith Runs Deep coming up on September 7 at Community Bible Church…then I’m going to start asking folks how God has been faithful in their life…I know I have a BUNCH of books to give away, so whether you’re at the fair or listening in online or on the radio, you’ll have a chance to win some great books IF you can briefly share how God has been faithful…I’m anticipating some awesome stories…so don’t miss it! And if you’re local and don’t have plans for the weekend, come on down and say “Howdy!” I’d love to meet you in person!fair

2 thoughts on “Live from the Kendall County Fair in Boerne – 8/31 – Come on Out and Join in the Fun!

  1. Van M

    Athena, what time are you broadcasting today from the Fair-what time do you start and end? Also what is the admission fare to get into the grounds? Thanks!

    1. Oh dear, I just saw this, but I think you asked the question too late anyway! It was my regular time 11-Noon yesterday…the admission is $15 during the day and $20 after 6pm. 🙂 Cowboy church starts at 10:30am this morning!

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