Recap 8/31 Loving Our Pastor’s Kids with Cindy Magsig / Live from Kendall County Fair

Here’s the podcast, in case you missed the show!

Having Cindy Magsig on was an absolute delight. Hard to believe that when we first met about a month ago she wasn’t sure how much of a story she really had to share. Because she grew up in a great home, as a preacher’s kid (PK) and didn’t experience abuse or trauma, Cindy thought that maybe she didn’t have anything to offer. Well, nothing could be further from the truth! As we continued to explore God’s faithfulness in her life, we zeroed in on the PK aspect and how growing up in a fishbowl had it’s challenges. We both began to see how the body of Christ really needs to be educated on how important it is for them to not only pray for their PKs but to love them unconditionally.

_MG_0027As Cindy shared on Saturday, the importance of not being judgmental and critical with those who are growing up in that proverbial “fishbowl” is of utmost importance. Since most PKs end up in the ministry, your prayers for them will have impact on countless lives.

So the question is, are you and your treatment of your PKs causing them to run TO God or AWAY from Him? That’s certainly something to ponder!

What a wonderful resource she was to our listening audience…great stuff! For more info from Cindy on this topic, visit

The rest of the show was a hodgepodge of how I’m a Texan by the Grace of God (as seen on my T-Shirt), an interview with the Queen’s Court, and an invitation to the Faith Runs Deep 5K Fun Run/Walk coming up this Saturday, 9/7 with a kick off time of 8am at CBC, which will raise money for Arms of Hope, an awesome ministry to disadvantaged children and single mother families. Lindsey and I will be participating, so hope you will come on out to that! Sign up here.

It was also a blessing to highlight new friends and vendors Texas Born & Bred ( since they donated the Texan by the Grace of God T-Shirt. And experiencing my first rodeo, mutton bustin’ and Cowboy Church was the highlight! It was quite the experience, live from the fair…will be writing more about it in days to come!

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