Recap 9/28 Show with Debbie Taylor Williams – Plan A Woman in a Plan B World

If you missed today’s show, here’s a link to the podcast:

Well, this was one of the most adventurous shows I’ve had to date. Initially, my guest for the 2nd half of the show, Debbie Taylor Williams, was scheduled to arrive at 11:30 just in time to go on for the last half hour. Only, unbeknownst to me or her, God had another plan. Last night He impressed upon her heart to get to the station early, before the show started. When she arrived at 10:45 I was pleasantly surprised, but didn’t think much else about it. That is, until my first guest, Jill Kelly, didn’t call in at the designated time.

I immediately shifted into high gear and decided to start Debbie’s interview right away, thinking if Jill called in late, I would just move her to the 2nd half of the show. As I’m interviewing Debbie I’m frantically looking on my phone for a back up number for Jill…thinking how to juggle my 3rd guest, Phil Waldrip, the founder of the Women of Joy conference and slotted to call in at the end of my interview with Jill.

debbie and athena

Long story short, somehow wires got crossed and by the time Jill called in we were wrapping up the show, so praise God, Debbie had so much great content to share, it was an awesome show, regardless!

Wow, this LIVE RADIO thing is getting to really be an exciting journey, and I’m learning to “go with the flow”… but how FAITHFUL was God that He worked it out for Debbie to arrive early, and bail me out when I needed it! GO GOD!!!!

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