Recap 10/5 Women of Joy – The Waldreps – Next Year’s WOJ & Parenting Prodigals – Jill Kelly on Suffering & Salvation

It was a crazy hour trying to broadcast from the Women of Joy Convention from the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center downtown San Antonio on the River Walk. Unfortunately, the phone line cut in and out during the entire show. Every conversation, with Debbie Waldrep, with Phil Waldrep and then with Jill Kelly, was so impactful, I am disappointed that the podcast can’t be shared. It would be frustrating for you to try to listen to it, as it was for me reviewing it.

Women of Joy 2014 for San Antonio will be September 12-14, so mark your calendar now and start saving your pennies ( Phil’s book entitled Parenting Prodigals was such an awesome topic…I just loved hearing the wisdom on false guilt and really how to love our prodigals with unconditional love. If you have a prodigal, don’t let the enemy lie to you that you aren’t fit to serve God. From all his research, Phil shared that it doesn’t matter if you were a perfect parent or a terrible parent, having a prodigal is not based on your performance as a parent. Case in point, if it’s always the parent’s fault, then God messed up with Adam and Eve, and Jesus messed up with Judas! So, don’t buy the false guilt that it’s YOUR fault that your prodigal walked away from God. How freeing it was to understand this!

Then Jill Kelly‘s time with me was so anointed…to hear her love for God and how she hungers and thirsts to walk in His presence, doing even greater things as He said we would…we talked about how sin almost destroyed her fairytale marriage, how her special needs son affected their lives in such a positive way, and how she learned to forgive her husband’s infidelity with the same kind of forgiveness Jesus experienced…what a powerful time it was with her.


My plan is to have both guests back on the show so you can hear their messages in full and be  blessed by the faithfulness of God through them.

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