Recap 10/12 – Tammy Trent on Love, Loss & Restoration / Domestic Violence in the Church with Debbie Jansen & Darling Romo-Lopez

Here’s the link to the show in case you missed it!

What a powerful show of God’s faithfulness. First my interview with Tammy Trent was just amazing…her story so intense, so raw, and so full of emotion, yet laced with God’s redemption, restoration and faithfulness!

Then to follow that testimony with the issue of Domestic Violence in the church as a whole, and in San Antonio on a local level, was stunning. Such an important issue to address and realize it’s magnitude and the great need we have to reach out to those who are suffering silently with hope and encouragement, rather than sending them off with scriptures about submission.

Debbie Jansen shared her book “Scriptures Against Abuse”  which provides help for Christians who suffer from abuse. The author uses marriage to illustrate the problem of abuse, but the 150+ Scriptures prove that abuse in any form is not condoned by the Christian faith. This book can be used by pastors, counselors, teachers or social groups to provide encouragement to those who suffer from abuse. Scriptures Against Abuse contains a full study guide for small groups or classes. Debbie helped us see the epidemic of domestic violence and abuse in the church across the nation and how much we have been influenced by an argumentative and controlling atmosphere in society.


Then Darling Romo-Lopez, founder & president of The Pink Ring Club, brought it down to the local level. In-studio, my guest shared that San Antonio has the HIGHEST rate of domestic violence of any county in the entire United States of America. That was a huge shock to me and I’m sure any of our local listening audience. Darling is organizing the 2nd Annual FREE Workshop “Breaking the Cycle of Domestic Violence in our Community: A Call to Action” on Monday, October 28 at the TriPoint Event Center. From 6:00 to 9:00 PM she’ll have speakers including Judge Eugenia “Genie” Wright, Sheriff Susan Pamerleau, and the CEO of Family Violence Prevention Services Marta Pelaez. For more information about the event, email Darling at

Praise God for His faithfulness in raising up courageous women of God to shine the light on this issue and take action to make a difference!

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