Recap 10/19 – Louie Kaupp’s “The Last Dad” and Bethany Connor’s “Cherished”

Here’s the link to the podcast in case you missed this AWESOME show!

What an absolutely incredible show it was today! With guests like Pastor Louie Kaupp, author of “The Last Dad: Looking for Answers When the Dad Piece is Missing” and Bethany Connor, author of “Cherished: One Woman’s Journey to Love and Be Loved”…it couldn’t be anything BUT awesome.

Right before the show began, some water got knocked over on the table, drenching all of Louie’s notes. Knowing how much wisdom he has in the Lord, I told him, Louie…you don’t need those notes…just share from your heart! And that’s exactly what he did. Such great wisdom for single moms, those who minister to single moms, and really, any parent regardless of marital status…he was a wealth of inspiration and practical take away!


Then Bethany Connor shared some of the nuggets from her book that, honestly, were just plain game-changers. Such profound truths about living an authentic life, learning who we are, and where to place our hope. I came away filled to overflowing with encouragement!

The turnout at El Jarro’s afterwards was phenomenal…lots of new listeners showed up and there was great interaction and fellowship as we continued the conversation off the air.

Share this link on your social networks and encourage your friends to listen in…this truly was one of my all-time favorite shows!

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