This Saturday, 11/9 Athena Dean Tells Her Story – Detour into Deception

I’ve been waiting for just the right time to share my story, and this Saturday seems to be the time God has ordained for me to do so.

This weekend marks the 2 year anniversary of my deliverance from deception. November 10, 2011 was the day I realized everything I thought was true for 12 long years was actually a lie. Not only a lie, but an extremely abusive, destructive, graceless and legalistic “Christianity.”

How amazing it will be to look back at God’s hand on my life, and see His enduring faithfulness…even during the darkest times of my life, even through losing everything I once held dear, even when I came to terms with the fact that I had been deceived, He was, and is, always faithful.


How fitting it was for me to spend this morning with Mike Sharpe and his wife, Marna. Mike led me to the Lord 27 years ago and has watched my life take many twists and turns. As I share this Saturday, I’ll start from that point 27 years ago and bring you all up to speed on the mountains and the valleys of my Christian walk, and all that God has done to restore what the enemy attempted to steal from me.

I look forward to sharing my life with my listeners, and hope you’ll be able to join me for Always Faithful this Saturday, November 9, from 11AM to Noon CST on AM 630 KSLR, or streaming live on or

And yes, I’ll even be going to El Jarro’s to continue the conversation with anyone who would like to join me!


3 thoughts on “This Saturday, 11/9 Athena Dean Tells Her Story – Detour into Deception

  1. Patti Thompson

    God’s timing is Perfect….praying for you, Athena. Also, for those who the Holy Spirit will reach through your story. Peace. Patti T.

    1. Thanks Patti! It’s been amazing to watch God work it all out for me to do it this Saturday…I kept trying to book other guests and He just wouldn’t let it happen! His timing is, for sure, perfect!
      Miss you, my friend! Thanks for the encouragement! 🙂

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