Recap from 11/16 – Spiritually Mismatched Homes & Radical Obedience

Here’s the podcast from today’s show with Dineen Miller & Eileen Vincent, in case you missed it.

What awesome guests we had today! Dineen very articulately shared the struggles and victories of raising godly children in a spiritually mismatched home. Great takeaway! Be sure to visit her site: and pick up a copy of her books…great resources for you to have whether this is your issue or not!


And my time with Eileen Vincent was just magnificent. She has such a heart for the Lord and to see His purposes furthered here in our city. The stories she shares in her new book, Faith Works: A True Story of Radical Obedience, were such amazing examples of the faithfulness of God! You can buy the book on Amazon, but if you buy it from the ministry, you’ll get a better deal!

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