Saturday 11/23 – Facing the Holidays After Divorce with Michelle Borquez & Daily Bread’s Seth Kuehn and Tammy Baird

At the last minute, Holly Wagner had to cancel for this coming Saturday, so I scrambled to find a replacement. God provided what I believe is the perfect resource for many women who are Always Faithful listeners as well as those in church leadership or those who are married and enjoying the holidays. This is a topic we need to be well versed on all the ways we can be Jesus-with-skin-on to those who will struggle through the holida

Join me this Saturday, 11/23 as I introduce you to Michelle Borquez, on the topic of Facing the Holidays as a Divorced or Single Person.

The Holidays can be Absolute Worst for Divorced Parents & Single People

How churches and families can recognize and welcome those in need

For single parents or single people, the holidays can feel like a huge weight or burden. It is a sense of disconnectedness that produces anxiety that leads to loneliness. It is not just a financial burden; it’s an aching that lasts well through the holidays.

For best-selling author, Michelle Borquez, the holidays were the “absolute hardest for me as a single mom.” This time of the year is a simple, but very loud reminder, of the isolation and aloneness. “Everything from shopping for gifts, not having someone to share in the celebration, attending holiday events alone, to trimming the tree, was so difficult,” says Borquez.

She is the creator of LIVE AGAIN (, a DVD-based series that helps women navigate the tough times of life and post-divorce relationships; all in the context of God’s redeeming love. In hindsight, Borquez says that New Years was often the hardest. “I would experience the ringing in of the New Year knowing I might not ever enjoy it with someone else again. It was a silent suffering. No one knew of the pain in my heart in those moments.”

Though gradually it gets better, Borquez encourages people of faith to reach out to those who are alone or hurting this time of the year; a time that’s supposed to be filled with hope, joy, and celebration with family and loved ones. “It took years before the pain subsided as I embraced and made a new life within my circumstances,” she now explains.

Aside from the relationship challenges, Borquez points to the pressure on finances and the challenges she had with four children.  As she looks back on it now she says, “God was truly there for me. I remember lying in bed one night, asking God for the plan, now that I was no longer married, and His answer was, ‘I am the plan. Put your faith and trust in me.’” For those families that are fractured. It’s awkward during the holidays as kids move from one household to another. Borquez says, “There is something so unnatural about that.”

While she says loneliness was ever present, there were also the nagging questions. Where did it all go? How would I press ahead?  “I had nowhere to turn. The crushing of my spirit felt like I was experiencing a slow death. Every day seemed gray. I was numb to all emotion. Happiness seemed so far away and foreign. When I did have a moment of laughter, it brought water to my soul.”

next sat

During the second half of the show, I’ll have in-studio with me, founder Seth Kuehn and marketing director Tammy Baird of Daily Bread Ministries where they feed the “poorest of the poor” right here in San Antonio. They’ll share not only God’s faithfulness in meeting spiritual and physical needs through the ministry, but also highlight some ways you can make a difference.

Seth, Tammy and I will be continuing the conversation at El Jarro’s after the show and would love to have you join us!

Listen in at 11AM CST on AM630 KSLR here in San Antonio, streaming live on, or download the KSLR app from the app store and listen in on your phone!

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