Saturday, 11/30 – Grieving During the Holidays with Hospice Chaplain Gary Roe

I am so excited to welcome back to Always Faithful my good friend. For the last two weeks we’ve been working non-stop to get this resource ready for this upcoming show, so I am honored to have Gary share his powerful new book “Surviving the Holidays Without You: Navigating Grief During Special Seasons.”

In this resource, Hospice chaplain Gary Roe offers a powerful grief survival kit designed for the holidays. Speaking from both personal and professional grief experiences, he will empower the reader to navigate special seasons with new confidence.


Holidays are difficult, especially when you’re grieving the loss of someone you love. You find yourself faced with a host of challenges. You wonder how to:

  • deal with unspoken yet powerful expectations, your own and others’
  • handle continual memories and reminders of your loved one
  • face feeling misunderstood, lonely, and isolated
  • process unpredictable emotions and feeling vulnerable
  • take yourself and your own heart seriously
  • make good choices -what to do, how, and with whom

Finding your way to grieve well over the holidays can be overwhelming without a trusted guide. Gary knows your pain and will walk beside you, offering effective tools to help you face the holidays with hope rather than apprehension.

If you’re grieving, or know someone else who is and want to know how best to help them, tune in this Saturday, November 30, from 11:00 AM to Noon CST on AM 630 KSLR, or streaming live on or

After the show, Gary and I will head over to El Jarro’s at 12:30 pm for a no host lunch, and would love to have you join us to continue the conversation off the air.

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