Only God Could Make a Point Like This

Oh. My.

If you listened to the show yesterday, you know the topic was Hearing God as I interviewed Judy Gordon Morrow about her new devotional book, “The Listening Heart: Hearing God in Prayer.” (In case you didn’t the podcast is below)

After an absolutely amazing show, where, really, I could have listened to my guest talk for HOURS, I headed off to choir practice for our first service of the new year.

I was absolutely stunned to hear our CBC (Community Bible Church) worship pastor Ray Jones share the plan for the service…that the altar time mid-worship was going to be a bit different, that he was going to ask the congregation to make the most important New Year’s resolution you could possibly make…to 1) Listen to God and to 2) Obey whatever He tells us to do.


We then proceeded to practice the songs we were going to sing for the Saturday night and Sunday morning services…1) Awake My Soul (my song for 2014 because I SO want Christ to be formed in me!) 2) Speak to Me, and 3) I Surrender.

Leading the congregation into worship with these songs last night and this morning was almost surreal…so much the cry of my heart and so much what I knew needed to be the focus of the New Year on Always Faithful Radio.

And then, to top it off,  right before the 11AM service this morning, Marlene Salcher gave me my own copy of her new book (I was her publishing coach), “God Speaks to Me? Tuning In To The Living God”… (

Uhhhhhh, ya think God is speaking??

Oh yes…only God could make a point like this and then add the resolution, these songs, and Marlene’s book as an exclamation point!

Once again…He proves that He is ALWAYS FAITHFUL!!

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