Recap/Podcast from 1/11 – How God Showed Up Even When My Guest Couldn’t!

Here’s the podcast from today’s show in case you missed it.

Well, talk about a U Turn…I am amazed at how God worked this morning…actually all this week! 72 hours after emergency surgery, I was sitting in front of my microphone…but instead of being on Skype with my guest, Sheridan Voisey, I was jumping off the deep end and doing a live show with no plans, other than to prove God’s great faithfulness once again.

After having a great pre-interview chat via Skype yesterday with Sheridan, I woke this morning to an email saying he’d taken a flu hit and had been sick all night and had to cancel. I toyed with just calling in and having the station run an older show from the archives, or maybe having them re-run my Detour into Deception show. But I distinctively felt God nudge me to just go in, and off the cuff share His faithfulness just over the last month, and invite others to call in and share their moments of God proving His faithfulness.

athena-bench-notesYou’ll hear me mention in the show how I used to have 10 pages of scripted notes for each show…after sitting on that lovely bench this morning asking God what He wanted to do with today’s show, I came up with this scribbled list…God is so good!!!

And I was so thankful to have 2 friends call in, both I’d been planning to have on the show some time in the future, so it was a blessing to have them both call in and share.

The first was Angie Webb and she shared how God was faithful to deliver her from agoraphobia, extreme anxieties and fears. What an amazing story of God doing what man cannot…You can check out her website at

Then my good friend Jay Peavler called in and we chatted for quite some time about how God has proven faithful in His life, even when he was faithless. He and his wife Karen have become good friends over the last 18 months and I’m involved with them in a Google+ weekly bible study called Aslan’s Song. You can check out his ministry at

So, suffice it to say God was faithful to meet us, once again, and provide incredible encouragement to us on how He works and loves to show us how much He loves us!

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