This Saturday 2/1, Athena Shares Another Amazing Story of God’s Faithfulness

Many of you heard me share during the first show of the year my struggles with knowing what God wanted me to do…feeling like everything was up in the air…not knowing where I would be living… it was so awesome to start the year off talking about hearing from God as I interviewed Judy Gordon Morrow about her book “The Listening Heart: Hearing God in Prayer.”

So much has happened since that show, that I am literally shaking my head in amazement.  God has, in His amazingly faithful way, orchestrated my life in a stunning way, and I cannot wait to share it with you all this Saturday.

2344With my grandkids on the way up to WA

So this Saturday, February 1, from 11AM to Noon CST, tune into AM 630 KSLR or listen as it streams live on I’ll be broadcasting live from the Seattle Salem station, so no continuing the conversation off the air…but this story will absolutely amaze you…I promise! Looking forward to having you with me this Saturday!

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