Saturday 3/1 – Launch of Seattle Always Faithful – Lindy Boone on the Power of Prayer in the Midst of Crisis

So excited to launch Always Faithful Radio Seattle tomorrow, March 1, from 11AM to Noon with daughter of pop icon Pat Boone…on 820 AM KGNW or streaming live on KGNW.

When Tragedy Strikes Home; Discovering the Power of Prayer in the Midst of Crisis
Entertainment icon Pat Boone’s daughter near loss of her son in a tragic accident.
The power of prayer prevailed

Not long before terrorists attacked the World Trade Center another very personal tragedy played out for Lindy Boone, the daughter of entertainment icon, Pat Boone.

In June 2001 her son fell forty feet through a skylight and came as close as anyone can to death. He lost thirty-six pints of blood in several hours from internal hemorrhaging and suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI).  Ryan was not expected to live but somehow managed to beat the odds.

Thousands of Christians from all over the world rallied in prayer. Even unbelievers who saw Pat Boone and his daughter on Larry King Live expressed an interest while also hearing how God can answer prayer. Lindy says, “Everywhere you look there are troubles.” She never blamed God or anyone else for the crisis but learned how to lean on God during times of extreme sorrow and uncertainty.

lindy booneIn Heaven Hears, Lindy describes what it was like growing up in the limelight of Beverly Hills, shares transparently about her struggles and failures while continuing to point toward the ultimate source of strength during times of trials. “In the first two years following Ryan’s accident I struggled with fatigue, conflict, and depression,” says Boone. Day-by-day she learned to trust God, to adapt to new circumstances, and eventually see Ryan’s healing unfold in the midst of numerous character-building episodes.

Heaven Hears is not a neat and tidy journey through pain. Rather, in the words of Pat, it is “Lindy’s story, the account of her indomitable, constant hold on God’s promises and power and grace.” In the face of losing a son or loved one where do we turn? For countless people we despair, we struggle, we blame God, or we come apart emotionally. “At first I was in shock,” says Lindy “grieving, looking for answers. I felt so helpless; prayer was my lifeline.”

Recap / Podcast – 2/22 KGNW Seattle Athena’s Introduction to Always Faithful Radio Part 2

Here’s the podcast from this morning’s show in Seattle on 820AM KGNW, in case you missed it!

WOW. As I recounted all God has done in the last nine months of Always Faithful Radio in San Antonio, I was STUNNED. His faithfulness was proven over and over again, to the point of bringing me to tears…happy tears…so many times. As I was telling the story, I remembered ways He showed Himself faithful that weren’t in my notes to share…but were such amazing examples of God teaching me to trust Him, to see Him in everything, to realize His constant faithfulness.


I am so excited to launch the new show in the Seattle KGNW market this next Saturday, March 1, from 11AM to Noon PST on 820AM KGNW and streaming live on …I hope you’ll pass the word to your friends and family…I am looking forward to all the new ways God will confirm His great faithfulness.

Saturday, 2/22 – Secret Keeper Girls’ Dannah Gresh & Suzy Weibel on Encouraging Our Daughters and Granddaughters

I am so excited to bring the last San Antonio version of Always Faithful this Saturday and to share these awesome guests with you all! Dannah Gresh, creator of the Secret Keeper Girls movement, and the SKG Lead Teacher, Suzy Weibel, will be sharing some incredibly important encouragement for us as mothers and grandmothers. And even if you don’t have daughters or granddaughters, you can be an encourager to the young girls in your church who need all the support they can get.


The Secret Keeper Girls event will be arriving in San Antonio on February 27, and we will be giving away 3 pairs of free tickets to the first 3 callers…looking forward to spending this Saturday with you all! 11AM-Noon CST on AM 630 KSLR or streaming live on

Recap / Podcast – KGNW Seattle Athena’s Introduction to Always Faithful Radio Part 1

Here’s the podcast in case you missed the show from last Saturday, 2/15…

What a trip it was to tell the story of Always Faithful Radio on KGNW this last Saturday. I’m so looking forward to launching my show in the Seattle market on March 1, so going back and looking at the story again was so encouraging. He is so faithful!

kgnw 2-18

Looking forward to continuing this conversation this coming Saturday, 2/22, at 8AM PST on 820 AM KGNW or streaming live on

Recap / Podcast 2/15 Wendy Griffith – “You Are A Prize to be Won”

Here’s the podcast in case you missed today’s show:

WOW. I haven’t had technical difficulties like I had today in a LONNNNNG time. It took until after the first commercial break before I was able to hear Wendy on the line.

She has such a powerful message, it was a challenge to get her on the line, and the interference during the time I had her on was stunning. So many single women need to hear her message…no wonder it was a battle!

wendy griffiths a

The importance of Christian women understanding who they are in God’s eyes is immense, and really the only way we will not “settle for crumbs.”

Saturday, 2/15 – 700 Club Co-Host Wendy Griffiths Warns Don’t Settle for Less than God’s Best

Tune in this Saturday for an awesome Valentine’s interview with 700 Club Co-Host. Wendy Griffith had often preached to other women about being a prize to be won, but did not practice it. She didn’t realize her true value in Christ, and became the “beggar” in year-long romance, begging for a few scraps of love. When her romance ended, she was devastated. Through her tears, God showed her that she had settled for emotional “crumbs”. She learned that God had so much more for her, (Eph. 3:20) and that she was a pearl of great price!

Now she shares her past heartache and experiences in her new book You Are a Prize to Be Won (Regal, January 2014), defining what real love is and showing how you can guard your heart by recognizing the counterfeit. God’s love for you is extravagant and you shouldn’t settle for emotional crumbs. You are a prize to be won!

wendy griffiths

Wendy Griffith is an anchor and senior reporter for the Christian Broadcasting Network and cohost of CBN’s flagship show, The 700 Club, with CBN founder Dr. Pat Robertson. She also co-anchors two other shows for CBN: Christian World News, a weekly show that focuses on the challenges facing the global church, and CBN Newswatch, a daily 30-minute newscast seen on networks throughout the country and on Wendy is the coauthor, with Craig Buseck, of Praying the News.

I’m excited to wrap up my broadcasting in the San Antonio area with this interview…hope you can join me!
Saturday, 2/15 at 11AM PST on AM 630 KSLR or streaming live on

Recap / Podcast from 2/8: Sheridan Voysey and Resurrection Year

Here’s the podcast in case you missed the show.

What an amazing interview…I had been looking forward to interviewing Sheridan Voysey ever since reading his book over the summer. So incredible that God would work it so that I would be experiencing my own resurrection year at the time of the interview…hmmmm….we were originally scheduled to do the interview on January 11, but Sheridan was so sick he had to cancel. How cool is that? Things were beginning to gel at that time, but I was not fully immersed in the glorious resurrection year as I am at this moment…Oh how faithful is our God!

I was especially smitten with Sheridan’s phrase “the tribe of the scarred,” and his understanding of the theology of suffering…that this is where God does His best work…resurrection doesn’t come until after suffering and death.

sheridan and athna

We gave away three copies of Resurrection Year, and if you weren’t one of the winners, I want to encourage you to get a copy…no, get two or three so you have some to give away. Powerful story of God’s faithfulness, even after dreams and hopes are broken. Visit Sheridan at

Saturday, 2/8 – Holding Onto Hope Despite Disappointment with Sheridan Voysey (reschedule from 1/11)

Can’t wait to introduce you all to Sheridan Voysey this Saturday! His book, Resurrection Year: Turning Broken Dreams Into New Beginnings, blessed me in so many ways when I read it over the summer. Now that The Lord has changed the format of Always Faithful, I’m excited to be able to bring Sheridan on for the entire hour. We’ll be giving away 3 copies of his book to the first 3 callers…tell a friend…it’s going to be an amazing show, I promise!

11AM to Noon CST on AM630 KSLR in South Texas or streaming live on

Expectation. Disappointment. Expectation. Disappointment. Voysey was slowly watching Merryn wither away. Ten years of pregnancy tests and vitamins, adoption meetings and IVF treatments, tear-soaked prayers, dashed dreams and unmet expectations had taken a toll on her. His heart was broken, too. Yet over the same ten years they struggled to have a family, Voysey had it all professionally. He worked tirelessly to build his professional platform in Australia – a nationally renowned radio show, award winning books, and speaking engagements to full, enthusiastic crowds.

But in March 2011, he walked away from a successful career. As the final IVF treatment failed after the hope of a false positive, he knew it was time for a new beginning for them both.  “Live overseas. Take a risk. Have an adventure,” said Merryn. Other than being a mother, those were the only things she had ever requested. Voysey chronicles this mantra in their return to life. From the streets of Rome to the Basilicas of Paris, from the Alps of Switzerland to their new home in Oxford, they begin the healing process while wrestling with their doubts about God’s goodness.

One part spiritual memoir and one part love story, Resurrection Year (Thomas Nelson, June 2013) is an honest look at recovering from broken dreams and reconciling with and holding on to a God who is sometimes silent but never absent. Voysey provides an empathetic voice to all those who experience a dream denied, whether that is childlessness, unwanted singleness, or the loss of a career or loved one.


Sheridan Voysey is a writer, speaker, and broadcaster on faith and spirituality. His books include the award-winning Unseen Footprints: Encountering the Divine Along the Journey of Life, and the three-volume series Open House: Sheridan Voysey in Conversation. He is married to Merryn and lives and travels from Oxford, United Kingdom.

Recap / Podcast from 2/1 – Athena Tells an Amazing Story of Redemption

Here’s the podcast from today’s show in case you missed it!

Oh. My. Goodness.

How faithful is our God?

I had so much to say today, and probably only got half way through my notes, but going back to a month ago and retelling the way the Lord orchestrated bringing me back to Washington nearly took my breath away.

athena RP

So exciting to see God prove His faithfulness over and over again. Rejoice with me as He continues to restore what the enemy has stolen!

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