Recap / Podcast from 2/8: Sheridan Voysey and Resurrection Year

Here’s the podcast in case you missed the show.

What an amazing interview…I had been looking forward to interviewing Sheridan Voysey ever since reading his book over the summer. So incredible that God would work it so that I would be experiencing my own resurrection year at the time of the interview…hmmmm….we were originally scheduled to do the interview on January 11, but Sheridan was so sick he had to cancel. How cool is that? Things were beginning to gel at that time, but I was not fully immersed in the glorious resurrection year as I am at this moment…Oh how faithful is our God!

I was especially smitten with Sheridan’s phrase “the tribe of the scarred,” and his understanding of the theology of suffering…that this is where God does His best work…resurrection doesn’t come until after suffering and death.

sheridan and athna

We gave away three copies of Resurrection Year, and if you weren’t one of the winners, I want to encourage you to get a copy…no, get two or three so you have some to give away. Powerful story of God’s faithfulness, even after dreams and hopes are broken. Visit Sheridan at

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