Recap / Podcast 5/3 My Pioneering Journey through Christian Publishing

Here’s the podcast from today’s show, the last for who knows how long. Bittersweet!


It was a trip to go back and think about the last 27 years since that first manuscript was sent out to publishing houses far and wide. And then to consider all that has happened since then!

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I’m thankful I was, unknowingly and unwittingly, such a integral part of the Christian self publishing scene, setting a precedence for excellence in independent publishing. And grateful to have another chance to be a voice for change!

It’s been an awesome 11 months of radio ministry. If we’re not friends on Facebook, friend me there so we can stay in touch personally. And with regards to Redemption Press, visit me on Facebook at RedemptionPress or at our website.

This Saturday 5/3 – Last Always Faithful Show – Pioneering in the Christian Publishing World

For those of you who did not see my last post, I announced that April was my last month for my radio ministry and that I’m taking a sabbatical.

It was a bittersweet announcement, but becoming a pastor’s wife next month is definitely taking priority.

Due to the last minute change, my slot tomorrow still belongs to me, so I’ve decided to come into the studio one last time and tell my story of pioneering the Christian self-publishing industry.

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In case you didn’t hear the show from the first weekend in April where I interviewed a panel of Christian Publishing Experts, check out that podcast. It is very educational and informative. I am very blessed to have come to know some pretty amazing folks in the industry over my many years in publishing. It’s a journey that started all the way back in 1987 and the show this Saturday will give much perspective on the changes in Christian publishing I’ve watched over the last 27 years… it has truly been an amazing trek.

So, join me tomorrow morning at 11AM CST on 820 AM KGNW for my last show (for a while anyways!), or listen from afar on