Always Faithful Radio Highlights of God’s Faithfulness

Below are various radio shows and/or blog posts chronicling God’s amazing work in my life over the last few years. Since I’m taking a sabbatical from the radio ministry, I thought putting all of these in one post might be helpful. They demonstrate powerfully a faithful God who is loving, gracious, and kind.

7/17/2013 Caring for My Aging Momma (radio show)

11/05/2013  God’s Encouragement to SLOW DOWN! (blog post)

11/09/2013  My Detour into Deception (radio show)

11/28/2013  Thankful for a Faithful God (blog post)

1/04/2014  Committing 2014 to a Year of Listening to God’s Voice (radio show)

1/05/2014  Only God Could Make a Point Like This (blog post)

1/11/2014  How God Showed Up Even When My Guest Couldn’t (radio show)

2/01/2014  An Amazing Story of Redemption (radio show)


2/18/2014  The Story of Always Faithful – Part 1 (radio show)

2/22/2014 The Story of Always Faithful – Part 2 (radio show)

3/28/2014  An Amazing Story of God’s Faithfulness – My Love Story (blog post)

4/10/2014  The Story of Redemption Press (blog post)

4/12/2014  An Amazing Story of God’s Faithfulness – My Love Story (expanded) (radio show)

4/15/2014  Ross & I Guest Host for Live from Seattle  (radio show)

4/30/2014  A Change of Direction  (blog post)

5/03/2014  Final Show – My Pioneering Journey Through Christian Publishing (radio show)

I pray these shows and posts encourage you to see God’s faithfulness in new ways. And while you’re here, be sure to look through the podcasts or archived shows…over the year I was on the air, I had some amazing guests!!