Always Faithful is Back Starting in August!

I must admit I’m nearly speechless as I consider what God has done to bring me back to radio ministry with Always Faithful.

I took a year sabbatical from radio in May of 2014 because I was about to become a pastor’s wife and needed to give up one of my spinning plates. In May of 2015 I launched a short run radio show called Publishing Today: Clear Direction for a Changing Industry and used Voice America’s clout and platform to launch this educational series sponsored by Redemption Press.

Before starting the Publishing Today show, Stan Lander from KCIS (a Crista Ministries station in Seattle) checked in with me to see about the possibility of bringing Always Faithful onto their network. I REALLY wanted to do it, but was already committed to do the show on publishing so had to let it go.

When I checked back with Stan as I began wrapping up the last few shows for Voice America, he went to work to see what time slot was available. Turns out Fridays at 1PM could be available if I was willing to start with 30 minutes a week, and take Steve Brown’s (Key Life Ministries) spot each week. I was overjoyed, but it took a few days for me to connect the dots.

Here I am getting ready to relaunch Always Faithful Radio on AM 630 KCIS, when it’s birth was in San Antonio on AM 630 KSLR. Who’d a thunk?

I’m busy working away getting everything ready to relaunch this site and create a great format for a 30 minute weekly show. I AM SO EXCITED!

See you soon on AM 630 KCIS! KCIS-HOME-logo