Serendipity … Another Full Circle with God

I’ve been off the air with Always Faithful Radio for over a year.

Once I realized I was about to become a pastor’s wife, I knew I had to eliminate one of the spinning plates, and my radio ministry was the one I had to choose. It broke my heart, as radio ministry is one of those things I could do 24 hours a day and never get tired. It refreshes me, it inspires me, it touches me to the core reminding me how faithful  Jesus really is.

When the invitation came to join the Crista Media family of shows, which would air on KCIS, I didn’t make the connection right away. I was just so excited, as this was a station I’d been interviewed on so many times, it was like home to me.

But I’d been away for so many years, the changes at the studios were stunning, and nearly left me breathless as I took it all in. A friend pointed out to me that the call numbers were the same…


I never really paid attention to the call numbers.

But there it was… clear as day.


The station Always Faithful Radio was born on in San Antonio, Texas, was AM 630 KSLR.


How cool is that? That He would bring me back on the air to a familiar place, with the same spot on the AM dial.

If that isn’t a faithful God, I don’t know what is!

Join me every Friday from 1:00 to 1:30 PM PST, locally on AM 630 KCIS, on the KCIS app for your smart phone, streaming live on, or find the archived shows here (usually within 24-48 hours) here at

I’m looking forward to spending my Friday afternoons with you!

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