February Line-Up of Guests on Always Faithful Radio



February 5 (1PM) and February 7 (9AM) – Ocieanna Fleiss on “Love Like There’s No Tomorrow”

A few years ago, Ocieanna Fleiss wife and work-at-home mother of four young children would have described herself as overwhelmed, stressed, and focused on finishing her to-do list. But when at age forty-two, a sudden cardiac arrest stopped her heart, everything changed.

51xzlGvY9WL._UY250_During those quiet months of recovery, as she reflected on her life, a pattern arose. Like a loving father, Christ has always walked her through childhood neglect, miscarriages, the death of her parents, and even through her own death!

Amazed by God’s loving hand in her life, Ocieanna overflowed with a desire to love in a new, more profound way. Out of this desire, transforming truths gently came to light: truths that changed her life forever and will show you how God can weave everything in your life into His elaborate plan.

OCIEANNA FLEISS has written three historical novels with Tricia Goyer in the best-selling Love Finds You series. She speaks at churches, parenting groups, and writers conferences and teaches a Bible class to homeschool junior high students. She penned a writing column for eight years and contributes to the Seriously Write blog. She 71DBaJiz1FL._UX250_has also written for MOMSense, MOPS.org, Hearts at HomeGuideposts for Kids, and CBA Marketplace. She is a member of the Northwest Christian Writers Association and the Writers View. Ocieanna makes her home in Seattle, Washington with her husband and four kids. Connect with Ocieanna at Ocieanna.com.


February 12 (1PM) and February 14 (9AM) – Jane Rubietta on “Exchange Your Worries for Delight in God”

Weary of worry and its tagalongs: anxiety, discouragement, and exhaustion? Jane Rubietta invites you to leave behind your heavy heart and learn to truly live again. To experience WLLMcoverjoy and rest in the moment-by-moment pleasure of a God who delights in you–and has all your tomorrows under his control. Jane’s picturesque prose offers enduring encouragement and practical tools for change. Discussion questions and journaling prompts make this the perfect book to read on your own or share with your small group and discover how to worry less and live more

Jane Rubietta is a writer and speaker who loves to put skin on truth. No one is more surprised than she is, that she 1269gets to write and speak for her full-time job. Her award-winning books and her depth and vulnerability as an author and speaker have led people to say, “Have you been reading my emails?” “If you ever need another job, you could do stand-up comedy.” She doubts that–she would be terrified if she had to be strictly funny–but she loves to be part of the lives of her audiences, both in person as a speaker and in print as a writer.


February 19 (1PM) and February 21 (9AM) – Ann Griffiths on “A Mentor’s Fingerprint”

We all mentor everyday – whether we realize it or not. We leave a mark and make a difference in the lives of the people in our lives. The question is, “What kind of mark are we leaving? What kind of difference are we making?”

mentorFilled with real-life stories, guiding principles, and practical tools, this book inspires, empowers, and equips the formal or informal mentor.

If you want to know what mentoring can do in and through your life and what it means to affect the lives of others for eternity, A Mentor’s Fingerprint will help you get there. If you want to intentionally come alongside others and make a difference, A Mentor’s Fingerprint is for you and your friends.

Ann is a creative thinker with strong leadership insight and a great deal of heart. Her energetic passion, yet calm demeanor, houses focused energy and a commitment that motivates others to look deep into their own lives, draw out their God-given gifts and abilities, and recognize the profound influence they have on others. She has experienced success, lived the difficult sides of business and ministry, and walked the tough roads of life. Yet, Ann has managed these challenges with integrity and Ann-2011-Final-IMG_4810-half-e1328126212732courage, while keeping people a priority, mentoring individuals, and building teams that thrive.

Having filled numerous leadership roles in the church, community, and business arenas, and having developed and launched leadership programs, she continues to inspire men and women to confidently step up and be the individuals God created them to be.

Ann is a sought-after speaker, co-author of A Mentor’s Fingerprint and author of Grandma’s Fingerprint. In her “spare” time she plays the drums with various worship teams and enjoys a wide range of interests. She is married with two grown children and four grandchildren.


February 26 (1PM) and February 28 (9AM) – Cherrie Herrin-Michehl on “Tooshie: Defeating the Body Image Bandit”

51NL6IKqFRL._SX320_BO1,204,203,200_We are drowning in a tsunami of cultural messages that shout, “Thin is beautiful, and beauty is almost everything.”  You have dieted, binged, exercised, and starved yourself at time to chase Skinny. Yet in your soul, you’ve always wondered if Skinny would truly land you in the perfect life. Tooshie is a healing, fun journey to defeat the Body Image Bandit, who wants you to believe your worth is measured in pounds. You will laugh, ponder, and grasp the heart of your food and body image problems. After all, food/body image struggles are much more about your heart and your story than you ever realized. Then 11998798_10206570007400416_4397108809709432419_nyou will begin to unveil the actual causes of your food/body image battles, and the truth will set you free.

Cherrie Herrin-Michehl, MA, LMHC is a licensed therapist practicing in Woodinville, Washington. She received her training at what is now called The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology. Her humor, faith and passion for helping women chase their true callings in life make Tooshie a quick read.