May Lineup of Authors for Always Faithful Radio

May 6 – Nika Maples – Hunting Hope: Dig Through the Darkness to Find the Light

Hope is not an accident. Sometimes it has to be hunted, and hunting it takes courage.

Hunting-Hope-PKHope hunters know how to excavate hope from hardship. There is dirt underneath their fingernails and sweat on their shirts. They rake through the rubble of an unwanted situation, digging into difficult circumstances because they have come to expect that adversity will produce good. They believe that light always triumphs over darkness. They have learned to walk through winter with their eyes on spring.

Nika Maples became a hope hunter after suffering a massive brainstem stroke that left her quadriplegic in her twenties. Doctors warned that she had as little as 48 hours to live, and-if she lived at all-she would
never walk or talk again. There was no hope on the horizon. So Nika started to hunt for it. Today, she not only walks, but she speaks to audiences everywhere about the power of hunting hope when a situation appears hopeless. She says hope remains camouflaged in the daily mundane. If we NMaples-365are not looking for it, we will miss it, though it is right before our eyes.

Whether you or someone you know is going through a situation that feels hopeless, you will find encouragement in Hunting Hope. Whether you are experiencing a medical trauma, a financial hardship, or a relational crisis, you will find empowerment in Hunting Hope. As you read, you will cling to 20 truths about God’s character and practice 5 daily disciplines that will develop your own character in crisis.

You will become a hope hunter.

Maybe it doesn’t matter what causes suffering in our lives as much as it matters what suffering causes in our lives. Maybe we were all meant to be hope hunters.


May 13 – Cheryl Dore – My Life Letters: Conversations with God that Lead to an Extraordinary Life

My Life Letters: Conversations with God that Lead to an Extraordinary Life satisfies the thirst for meaningful conversation. Cheryl Dore and Leslye Hebert share personal 512byMA4UNL._SX398_BO1,204,203,200_experiences of overcoming trauma and finding God in the pain. They will inspire, challenge, and prepare you to hear God in the midst of chaos and difficult circumstances.

Valuable exercises throughout this book provide a road map for life while making faith an everyday commodity. you will be inspired to go after personal words of encouragement and to hear God in Scripture. He is sitting in the bleachers of your life observing, available and eager to reveal His thoughts concerning everyday matters.3d11f76


Cheryl Dore is the founder of One Strand Ministries of the Greater Seattle area. A creative storyteller, visionary leader, and dynamic teacher, she holds a certificate in ministry and theology from New Hope Christian College, and a degree in organizational leadership and theology from A. W. Tozer Theological Seminary/Simpson University. She and her husband of thirty-two years have two grown children, and four grandsons.


May 20 – Gwen Smith – I Want it All: Exchanging Your Average Life for Deeper Faith, Greater Power and More Impact

God created you for exceptional impact. Exceptional power. And exceptional blessings.

Gwen Smith knows how easy it is to dismiss God’s plans with the thoughts, I can’t make a big difference for God because I’m just an ordinary woman with an ordinary life. Yet God created us to join Him in doing amazing work in the world. He created us to live with I-Want-it-All_HIabundant joy, courage, and influence. But not the joy, courage, and influence of the world. He offers His grace for each failure, His love that shatters hate, His peace that soothes the turmoil, His comfort, guidance, wisdom, rest, power, and significance. Every blessing He has for us is ours for the taking.

I Want It All will ignite a fire in your heart to experience more faith, more power, and more impact. More of Jesus. All of Jesus. Everything that God has for you.

Gwen Smith is an author and volleyball enthusiast who lives in sunny North Carolina and has been married to her college honey, Brad, for 23 years. They are tired parents to three competitive-sport-playing teens who keep them on their toes and on GSmith-356their knees. Her online friends meet at to connect and be encouraged, and her goal is to help women think big thoughts about God and be inspired to live out the grace and truth of Jesus. Gwen speaks, leads worship, and eats potato chips at women’s events everywhere, and she is a co-founder of the conference and devotional ministry Girlfriends in God


May 27 – CHANGE OF PLANS – Jane Rubietta on the Write to Publish Conference and her newest book, Heartbeat of a Mother

For mothers who’ve loved it, blown it, overdone it. Mothers who are exhausted. Or depleted. For everyday mothers, trying to move from tying shoes to fit to be tied. Mothers of boomerang adults, mothers suddenly parenting their own mothers, mothers raising grandchildren. Readers will laugh, they will cry. In these deep, vulnerable, moving, 51mow4xL96L._SX323_BO1,204,203,200_hopeful words, they will find themselves on these pages. More than that, they will find hope. They will find God again. And they will realize they are not alone. Heartbeat of a Mother. A six-week devotional Bible study for mothers of all ages, inviting them to celebrate, resuscitate, and re-calibrate. Heart-full, helpful, hopeful. Because mothering never ends…and it needn’t be the end of you.

Jane speaks internationally and ecumenically, inviting her audiences to tumble into Jesus’ arms and find the love they’ve been looking for.

Don’t miss her Jane’s critically acclaimed Worry Less, Live More, and the Deeper Devotion series, including Finding Your Promise: From Barren to Bounty – the Life of Abraham, and Finding Your Name: From Insecurity to Inheritance – the Lives of Isaac and Jacob. Other books include Come Closer: A Call to Life, Love, and Breakfast on the Beach, Resting Place: A Personal Guide to Spiritual Retreat, the award-winning Grace Points: Growth and Guidance in Times of Change (InterVarsity Press, 2004), How 1269to Keep the Pastor You Love (IVP, 2002), the award-winning Quiet Places, Still Waters (a Gold Medallion Nominee), Between Two Gardens (Bethany House, 2001). With Shirley Mitchell, Jane co-authored Fabulous after 50 (New Leaf Press, 2000) and Sensational After 60 (New Leaf Press, 2005). She co-authored with Lois Evans Stones of Remembrance: A Rock-Hard Faith in Rock-Hard Places.

Jane’s hundreds of articles appear in IndeedFulfill, HomeLife, Significant Living, MomSense, Fulfill, Plus, Christianity Today, and many other periodicals.

Her books have been featured in Crossings Book Club, as “Top Picks” in Today’s Christian Woman, and Book of the Week on Midday Connection. Denominations have selected her books for their recommended reading programs. Jane is also a contributor to the “Gifted for Leadership” website.