A Week of Miracles Ending in Healing at El Jarro’s!

I would have to call this past week a major miracle week for Always Faithful Radio…

The first day of the week I spent time with my new friend, Deb Ford, and she made a list of people I needed to go talk to about potential sponsorship of the show. That afternoon I started making calls and the rest of the week was a flurry of activity.

One of the first calls I made was to Wade Shelton, an attorney in town who is heavily involved in Crosspoint and some other non-profits in town. I talked to him about the idea of doing some collaborative sponsorship of Always Faithful Radio where I might be able to raise brand awareness, help increase fund development, and generally give the non-profit exposure through the radio show. We chatted and decided to follow up later in the week.

On Tuesday I went to the Christian Business Chamber of Commerce luncheon and a fellow named Kevin Downey was there inviting people to a lunch on Friday to raise awareness of a recovery support home named Pryor House, which is a collaborative effort between Alpha Home and  Crosspoint, Inc. He’s talking about how the ministry was specifically for women (ding, ding, ding – women focused), to help them transition back into life after going through drug or alcohol abuse treatment and recovery, (ding, ding, ding – huge opportunity for these women to experience the faithfulness of God!). He mentioned how they started last year on June 1 (ding, ding, ding…same date my radio show started)…later on he also mentioned how a year ago, he and Julie Wisdom-Wild just KNEW they were supposed to create this resource to meet a huge need in the area, and stepped out in faith to do so, determining they would worry about raising the money later, (ding, ding, ding – exact same thing I did with the radio show). I approach Kevin at the end of the CBCC lunch and as I am standing there talking to him, Wade emails me to tell me I need to attend the Alpha House lunch on Friday, not only that, turns out Kevin wasn’t even at the right place…he was supposed to be at a lunch at CBC not CBCC, (ding, ding, ding – divine appointment!).

I leave that meeting and get a call from someone I’d sent advertising information to 3 weeks ago and hadn’t heard back…so I had assumed they just weren’t interested. She said they were going to start small, but commit to advertising through the end of the year…I couldn’t believe my ears…that commitment would be just the amount of money I needed to accomplish my trip to ICRS next week. Not only that, she shared with me that when she put the Always Faithful advertising information on her boss’s desk he was surprised, and said “Hey, I heard this show the last 2 weeks!” Now, how GOD is that?

Then I get another call from a chiropractor I’d asked, since I don’t have any insurance, about trading out some advertising for a significant therapy plan I need to complete to deal with the curvature in my spine and pain in my lower right back. Turns out they’d been leaving messages on somebody else’s phone for 3 weeks and just now realized they had my number down wrong…they were ready to move forward with the trade and helping me get my back issues resolved!

The rest of the week consisted of more divine appointments (including the lunch at Alpha House on Friday) and heavy prep for the show on Saturday. But God wanted to punctuate the week with a special exclamation point of His amazing faithfulness. When I arrived at El Jarro’s after the show, there was a woman named Babbie there from the show. She’d heard the last 30 minutes and felt the Lord telling her to come down to El Jarro’s and join us for lunch. She turned the car around twice on the way (obviously the enemy didn’t want her to get there, and now I know why!), but persevered in obeying what she felt the Lord was telling her. As she sat across from me and shared her myriad of health issues, from extreme pain all over her body, to near deafness in one ear, poor eyesight, general stiffness and mobility issues, bunions, hammertoes, knee pain, shoulder and neck pain, and she was on crutches and an oxygen tank. She started telling me how she struggled with the fact that her pastor never taught about healing, because she really needed it.

At that moment, my in-studio guest, Lizzie Smiley, told me her friend Hilary Akromis was on her way, and that she operated in the gift of healing. Welllll….this should be interesting, I thought! When she arrived, the only seat left was right next to Babbie. I watched how God set this up…and the amazing compassion with which he arranged this divine appointment. Not only had Hilary been raised in the same denomination so had similar struggles, but as an accomplished athlete, she spent 4 years with excruciating knee pain, 2 years of it on crutches, and severe back pain for 15 years. God healed her miraculously some years ago and has begun to use the dedication, discipline and passion she had on the basketball court to change the world for Jesus.babby2

I had to leave the restaurant at 2:00, but later in the afternoon I got word that Hillary prayed for Babbie and all the pain in her body left, and she walked around the restaurant without her crutches! They even sent me some pictures to babby7share…how amazing is that?  babby4

I’m so in awe of how God is working, that I can hardly wait to see what He does next…What an honor that God used the Always Faithful radio show to orchestrate this divine appointment….a healing at El Jarro’s!

My Zany Guests for June 15!

Patti and TammyI am so excited about tomorrow’s show! Can’t wait to introduce you to Patti Foster, pictured here with Tammy Trent (who I happen to be interviewing next week at ICRS!)…Patti’s joy and enthusiasm is amazing and her compassion for the brain injured and their families makes her a perfect example of Jesus with Skin On!

Then my in studio guest will be Lizzie Smiley…I love this picture of her with her folks, husband and kids…I told you my guests are zany…this is just a small example!703728_4871039176130_1842100682_o

Hope you’ll join us afterwards at El Jarro’s Mexican Restaurant (www.eljarro.com) at 281 and Bitters (in the Party City stripmall on the SW corner of Bitters and San Pedro)…Lizzie and I will be there at 12:30 to “continue the conversation off the air”… and if you can’t join us, at least call in at 210-340-9585 in San Antonio, or toll free at 877-630-KSLR…or you can even text me at 210-620-4900 to win one of our sweet giveaways!

See you soon!

PS If you’re out of the area you can listen on www.kslr.com live streaming, or www.iheartradio.com!

June 15 Live Show Line-Up (Updated 6/4/13)

patti-fosterPatti Foster

Patti Foster in one word? Passionate. Her life is a testament to the intense love she has for others. Her joy and laughter refresh those around her, and she welcomes opportunities to influence lives and Make A Difference Now! On June 18, 2002, Patti was severely injured in a horrific traffic wreck. She suffered traumatic brain injury and was in a coma for six weeks. Her life hung in the balance…she has had to learn to live again. And now, as her recovery process continues, Patti’s desire is still to inspire, encourage and motivate others. Engaging, humorous, and entirely inspiring, join me as I share this wonderful author, speaker and radio talk show host with you.

Lizzie Smiley

Lizzie is friendly, energetic, and focused. She provide social media consulting and training services to small businesses and entrepreneurs with an emphasis on how to build and engage an audience, creating effective content, 643915_411053172292937_2074370565_nand turning fans into qualified leads. She also manages Facebook pages for clients who would prefer to delegate the tasks of writing and posting status updates, building an audience, engaging an audience, creating leads, promoting events, and brand and client relations on Facebook.

Lizzie also runs a Christian ministry with and for the most incredible and inspiring women called the Red Tent Ministries. They focus on fostering healthy and healing fellowship and equipping women for success in their most meaningful relationships– starting with their relationship with God.