Recap / Podcast 5/3 My Pioneering Journey through Christian Publishing

Here’s the podcast from today’s show, the last for who knows how long. Bittersweet!


It was a trip to go back and think about the last 27 years since that first manuscript was sent out to publishing houses far and wide. And then to consider all that has happened since then!

new image for last show

I’m thankful I was, unknowingly and unwittingly, such a integral part of the Christian self publishing scene, setting a precedence for excellence in independent publishing. And grateful to have another chance to be a voice for change!

It’s been an awesome 11 months of radio ministry. If we’re not friends on Facebook, friend me there so we can stay in touch personally. And with regards to Redemption Press, visit me on Facebook at RedemptionPress or at our website.

Recap 11/9 My Detour into Deception

In case you missed the show, here’s the podcast.

Wow, what a trip, sitting here in the studio, telling the story of my detour into deception. So much I had to leave out, but so much I was able to share of God’s incredible faithfulness to restore what the enemy stole from me.


He truly IS faithful, and proves it over and over as I walk this journey of faith.

To read the “whole story” about my detour into deception and all that has happened since my deliverance 2 years ago this weekend, visit