Recap / Podcast 3/29 with Brenda Nixon, Beyond Buggies and Bonnets, Mom to the Ex-Amish…Eye opening interview!

Here’s the podcast in case you missed today’s show!

This interview with Brenda Nixon was eye opening and heart breaking at the same time. So much misinformation out there on the Amish, and what a calling she has on her life to help them learn who God really is.



Enjoy this great interview with Brenda Nixon as we discussed “Beyond Buggies and Bonnets”. Check out her blog at

Last Minute Change of Plans – LIVE show cancelled – back to Brenda Nixon, Mom to the Ex-Amish

Technical difficulties prohibited me from broadcasting live from the Northwest Ministry Conference at Overlake Church. Instead I’ll be running a pre recorded show with my long time author friend, Brenda Nixon, about her ministry to the Ex-Amish. Tune in on 820 AM KGNW or streaming live on, 11AM to Noon PST Saturday, 3/29.

Saturday, 3/29 LIVE from the NW Ministry Conference with Dr. Gregg Jantz on Depression & Sherrie Harney on Organic Outreach

I am so excited to announce that I’ll be doing my show LIVE from the NW Ministry Conference at Overlake Church this Saturday from 11AM to Noon PST. This was a last minute change of plans so I’m excited to interview bestselling author and long-time friend Dr. Gregg Jantz. We’ll be talking about his book on depression entitled “Turning Your Down into Up: A Realistic Plan for Healing from Depression.” Then during the second half of the show I’ll be interviewing one of the keynote speakers at the NWMC and prolific author, Sherry Haney, about her new book, “Organic Outreach for Families: Turning Your Home into a Lighthouse.” Join me this Saturday live on 820AM KGNW or streaming live on, and pass the word!

You Can Hope Again

If you feel you will never get out of depression, Dr. Gregg Jantz has one word for you: hope. Gregg believes that since every person’s path into depression is unique, every path out will be unique as well. And healing is possible.

Turning Your Down into Up will help you:

• Determine whether you are depressed
• Understand why you can’t “just snap out of it”
• Decide whether medication might be a good option for you
• See the link between depression and overdependence on social media
• Understand how family dynamics affect you
• Be encouraged that you can find healing

This practical book includes a three-month personal recovery plan that focuses on spiritual renewal, emotional wellness, environmental balance, physical health, relational healing, and tech detox. Along with unique insights into treating the whole person, Turning Your Down into Up includes questions for reflection and journaling prompts. Here you will find real answers…Real freedom…Real hope.

“Turning Your Down Into Up is a comprehensive, whole-person approach to curing depression…with new answers and hope for the healing journey.”
—Dr. Catherine Hart Weber, author of Flourish: Discover The Daily Joy of Abundant, Vibrant Living

Organic Outreach for Families: Turning Your Home into a Lighthouse written by Kevin and Sherry, along with sections from all three of their boys, share insights from Scripture and give practical advice from their own experience to help you learn how to transform your home into a lighthouse of God’s amazing grace. The Harneys discuss several ways you can naturally share your faith with others:

• Reaching your own children with the message of Jesus
• Sharing God’s grace with your extended family
• Raising your children to be beacons of light in their schools and in your neighborhood
• Opening the doors of your home to make it attractive and welcoming
• Shining the light of God’s grace into your broader community

Balancing a concern for developing your home into a safe, secure environment with the biblical mandate for believers to be salt and light in the world, you will discover creative ways your family can naturally become the presence of Jesus where you live, through community activities, and as a witness to your neighborhood.

Sherry Harney (B.A. Calvin College; M.A. in Theology, Fuller Theological Seminary) is a speaker, author, and editor, and has served the local church in the areas of staff leadership and children’s ministry. Presently she is serving as the Strategic Leadership Development Director at Shoreline Community Church in Monterey, CA where her husband, Kevin serves as Lead Pastor. She has just finished serving as the Women’s Director for the last two years at Shoreline as well. Together, Kevin and Sherry have coauthored, Finding a Church You Can Love and Organic Outreach for Families. They also have collaborated on and co-written over seventy small group study guides with authors such as Bill Hybels, John Ortberg, Dallas Willard, Gary Thomas, Randy Frazee and Max Lucado. Most recently, Sherry continues to collaborate with other authors such as Christine Caine and Ann Voskamp with her book, One Thousand Gifts. Kevin and Sherry have three adult sons, Zach (27), Josh (25), and Nate (23). She enjoys cooking, hiking, skiing, really anything she can enjoy outdoors, and just hanging out with family and friends.


Podcast 3/22 – Dr. Sylvia Frejd on The Digital Invasion & Nicole O’Dell on Hot Buttons

Here’s the podcast from today’s show with Dr. Sylvia Hart Frejd and Nicole O’Dell.

I loved interviewing these two ladies at the International Christian Retail Show last Summer.

media pass

Such great content…practical and down to earth, I loved their take away…useful and life changing…listen in…good stuff!

Saturday 3/22 – Dr. Sylvia Frejd on the Digital Invasion & Youth Culture Expert Nicole O’Dell on Hot Buttons

Join me this Saturday at 11AM to Noon PST on 820AM KGNW (or streaming live on www. for 2 incredible interviews!

With the latest research supporting them, Dr. Archibald Hart and Dr. Sylvia Hart Frejd uncover both the subtle and the dramatic ways digital technology is changing us from within, focusing their exposé on the impact on the spiritual life of individuals. Through insights from neuroscience and psychology, they offer readers therapeutic and biblical strategies for handling the digital invasion in order to become good stewards of their digital lives. Parents, educators, students, counselors, and pastors will especially appreciate this cultural wake-up call.

Finally, a powerful, well-researched book that helps us grapple with and respond to the digital-tsunami that’s swept over us.” – Chap Clark, author of Hurt 2.0; senior editor, YouthWorker Journal

Dr. Sylvia Hart Frejd is the daughter of Archibald Hart. She has a master’s degree specializing in Christian counseling and an earned doctorate of ministry in leadership specializing in spiritual formation. Dr. Frejd has been working as a digital researcher and has published articles on the subject for Christian Counseling Today and for various blogs. She has also given presentations on the topic and has developed The Digital Invasion resource website. She is a Flourish in Life and Relationships Coach and coach trainer and speaks at women’s conferences and retreats around the world. She lives in Virginia with her husband, Russ, and their three digital natives.

nicole sylvia 

From drugs to bullying, from internet activity to dating, Hot Buttons have saturated youth culture . . .

…and may have challenged your teen. This accessible, quick-reference series by Nicole O’Dell is a practical guide for discussing these Hot Buttons with your child, before the issues become a problem. The Hot Buttons series has been awarded the Focus on the Family Seal of Approval!

Each Hot Buttons book begins with a real look at the temptations and situations that teens are faced with, including current statistics and advice for parents to consider before launching into a discussion. The most unique and practical aspect of each Hot Button book is the strategic scenarios—short stories that allow parents to introduce certain challenges to their teens in a creative “what would you do?” question and answer format. Each Hot Button scenario is followed by a few choices from which the teen can choose to resolve the situation. Parents are then guided through a discussion to help prepare their tweens and teens for real-life Hot Buttons situations.

Dating, Internet, Sexuality and Drug Editions are available. Bullying and Image Editions.

Nicole O’Dell, author of 23 books since 2007, founder of Choose NOW Ministries, host of Choose NOW Radio, and publisher at Choose NOW Publishing, is dedicated to guiding parents and teens to victorious relationships and good choices.


Recap/Podcast of 3/15 with Grace Fox, Moving from Fear to Freedom & Morning Moments with God

Here’s the podcast from today’s show with Grace Fox in case you missed it!

What a rich interview this was with Grace. Her insights and examples of God’s faithfulness were so encouraging and life giving! We talked about 2 of her books…Moving from Fear to Freedom (which I helped her publish many years ago), and one of her newest titles, Morning Moments with God Devotional. So cool how both books complement each other so well. Check her out online at

me and grace

Saturday 3/15 – Author-Missionary Grace Fox on Moving from Fear to Freedom

I am so excited to introduce you to my friend, Grace Fox. What an awesome woman of God who shares transparently about her own struggles and how God has been so faithful. The backstory to the two titles we will be discussing will inspire and encourage you, I promise! And…we’ll be giving away 2 copies of each title to the first 4 callers! This Saturday, 11AM to Noon PST 820AM KGNW or streaming live on

Moving from Fear to Freedom:

Fear has two sides – an upside and a downside. The downside is that it can hold women hostage, robbing us of joy and preventing us from experiencing life as God intended.

But the upside… that’s a different story. The very fears we face can become catalysts for personal growth and opportunities to know the Lord in a more intimate way. Filled with real-life stories and loaded with Scripture, this book promises to lead its readers from fear to freedom.

With wit, warmth, and wisdom, Grace helps you to:

  • Overcome the fear for your kids’ well-being to embrace God’s purpose for their lives.
  • Overcome the fear of inadequacy to accept new opportunities at work or church.
  • Overcome the fear of rejection to pursue new friendships or mentor younger women.
  • Overcome the fear of change and challenges and learn to embrace them as opportunities for personal growth.


Morning Moments with God Devotional:

Do you desire to draw near to God? Discover fresh biblical insights and renew your spirit as you journey through more than 150 new devotions for women. These gems of godly wisdom focus on God’s faithfulness and reflect on His power, presence, and promises in your life today.

You will experience practical encouragement as you savor multifaceted chapters like:

  • Motorbikes and Leather
  • Loving Naomi
  • The Power of Three Little Words
  • When Life Doesn’t Make Sense
  • Will You Help Me, Please?

These engaging devotions for women allow you to draw near to God as you develop a greater appreciation for how God’s truth is woven throughout all of your days and deepen your trust in Him to provide for all of your tomorrows.

Recap / Podcast 3/8 with Cheri Keaggy & Pam Farrel

Here’s the podcast in case you missed today’s show.

What great interviews both these ladies were…I so connected with Cheri’s story of brokenness and devastation and then God’s restoration. Her new album “So I Can Tell” is a fresh new project born from suffering and God’s great comfort. More on her ministry at

cheri - pam

Then to spend time with Pam Farrel, hearing the backstory of her life and her marriage to Bill, and all the ways God has been faithful in her life was a blast. What a wealth of resources for parents she and Bill offer…check them out on

Recap / Podcast 3/1 – Seattle Launch of Always Faithful with Lindy Boone / Heaven Hears

Here’s the podcast from today’s show with Lindy Boone and her amazing story of tragedy turned transformational.

What a great interview Lindy Boone Michaelis was this morning! I love how she didn’t hide the pain and suffering she experienced with the near death injury of her firstborn son, and how the whole experience of walking through the valley of the shadow of death deepened her faith and her capacity to love.

Seeing God answer so many prayers and watching the ripple effect of God’s faithfulness was stunning. I especially loved her comment about “taking time out of the equation.” Such a good word for those of us who like to hurry God along with healing and restoration…when we can let go and take time out of the equation, be still and know that He is God, He is able to do things in His way and His time. LOVE IT!


Larry King had the Boone family on 5 different times to highlight Ryan’s story and proclaim the power of prayer and a faithful God. What an awesome opportunity to share an amazing story with millions of people around the world.