Recap 11/2 The Mother in Law Factor with Deb DeArmond and PINK Hope & Love with Breast Cancer Survivor, Pinky Vern Hutcherson

Here’s the podcast in case you missed the show!

What an awesome show it was this morning…these two ladies were articulate, passionate, and exude God’s faithfulness!

First up, Deb DeArmond’s heart for turning the wrong perception of Mother in Laws around to glorify God just blessed me to no end! What great tips she gave and her new book, Related by Chance, Family by Choice (Kregal Publishers, just came out yesterday, November 1) is such an incredible resource to strengthen family relationships! I think any daughter who has a mother in law, any mother who has a daughter in law, and any “man in the middle” who loves both his mom and his wife, need to read this book! AWESOME!!! Check her website out at


Then to have Vern “Pinky” Hutcherson on to share her amazing story of breast cancer and how God enabled her to be victorious over it…such good, practical, take aways for our listeners…how to best love those going through the breast cancer journey and also how to make sure you are in touch with your own body and taking care of yourself, for the sake of others! Check out her website at


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