Recap on Interview with Rhonda Rhea on Caring for Our Aging Mommas…

In case you missed the show, here’s the podcast for you to listen to!

Saturday, 7/13/2013  Radio Personality, Author & Comedienne, Rhonda Rhea and Host Athena Dean discuss “Caring for our Aging Mommas at the End of Their Lives”

7743_4429847359432_603925717_nYes, I have some pretty crazy friends on my show…and Rhonda Rhea is one of them (she’s the one to the far left)…our time together in St. Louis was filled with laughter, yet laced with serious moments remembering the time we each shared with our moms at the end of their lives. I played her interview during the first half of last week’s show since I was in Southern California for my Momma’s memorial service.

I took the second half of the show to share my Facebook posts that chronicled my four months of caring for my Momma before she went to heaven…emotionally charged, they mirror my healing during that time and show how faithful God was during that time in my life.

Hope you enjoy the show and see God at work in the mundane and the marvelous, as I always like to say!


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