Recap on 8/10 – Healing from Childhood Sexual Abuse with Gary Roe

If you missed the show, here’s the podcast:

What an absolutely amazing show…so full of truth and clarity and answers for those struggling with the fallout of childhood sexual abuse. Gary Roe, author, speaker, and survivor shared from his book “Not Quite Healed: 40 Answers for Male Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse” and provided profound helps for those who share his pain.


Gary shared the common struggles of survivors, the lies they believe, and the truth needed to combat those lies. He knows because he has been there, and God has helped him process in a way that touches others in deep and significant ways.

I am in awe of the way the Lord is using his and Cec Murphey’s story of abuse and healing…it’s time to shine the light on this tabu subject and chase the darkness away!


For more info on Gary’s ministry, visit

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